MIST Harlem Cafe

MIST Harlem Cafe

46 West 116th Street, New York


New Harlem hot spot. Part coffee shop. Part bar. Part events venue. All coworking space. Plus, free coffee and iced coffee during every Weleet-sponsored coworking session!


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  • Event Space Wifi

House rules

You must RSVP for Weleet-sponsored sessions hosted by this Weleet Community Manager in order to get your free coffee gift card.

My Image Studios events venue is not available to book on Weleet at this time, so please contact Madiba Harlem to book the theater!

Although we hope you never have to cancel, if you do have to cancel your attendance, please do it at least 24-hours in advance so someone else can take your seat.

About the host

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The Champion
New York City

You are friendly, charming, enthusiastic, and socially active.
Warm-spirited, helpful, accepting, and compassionate.
A persuasive speaker and inspiring, charismatic leader who
motivates others.
Good at communicating and inspiring action.
Can idealize people and relationships.
Creative, spontaneous, positive, and fun-loving.
Good at promoting harmony.
Perceptive and diplomatic.


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