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April 2014

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Pro Tips: 5 Break Ideas For A Work-Anywhere Lifestyle

Sometimes, the best solution for improving your productivity is a little rest. Here are 5 great breaks that have been amazing for my on-the-go work-anywhere lifestyle.

Pro Tips: The Body Doesn't Lie

For anyone who lives a freelancer / multiple-jobber’s life, being able to juggle all the responsibilities that come along with it is a crucial skill to develop not just to survive, but to survive well. 



The Specialist

You are reserved, persevering, loyal, and careful.
Conscientious, trustworthy, and cooperative.
Systematic, organized, and focused problem solver.
A strong work ethic.
Thorough, and complete tasks on time.
An excellent memory for details.
Quiet, down-to-earth, and friendly.
Honorable. Does what’s “right” and expects same of others.
Warm and tactful.
You value harmony.


  • acting
  • music
  • rescuing puppies
  • traveling
  • working out
  • avocados
  • key & peele


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