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Grind Nomad

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Exclusive access for Platinum Members, Mon - Fri, 8AM - 5PM.

To join and check-into a session:
1. Request to join the session
2. Wait for the Weleet Community Manager to accept your request
3. Check-in at the venue partner location front desk by showing yourself on the Weleet session page as a confirmed guest along with matching ID
4. Enjoy your day/night of coworking

Some important notes:

Please contact the Weleet Community manager if you have any questions or concerns with this session, including at check-in.

Remember and follow the Weleet community pledge you agreed to and be a kind, respectful and generous coworker. That means following the rules and policies of our venue partners.

You must RSVP through Weleet to gain exclusive access. If there are no Weleet sessions available at the time/date you're looking for, Grind offers day passes and monthly membership packages.

Although we hope you never have to cancel, if you do have to cancel your attendance, please message the Weleet Community Manager at least 2-hours before so someone else can take your seat.

Please don't be a no-show:
Once you request to join a session and your request is accepted by the Weleet Community Manager, the seat is yours for the day - for as little or as long as you need it! The one thing we ask is that you please not be a no-show.

Who went

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The Champion
New York City


Coworking Space
1216 Broadway, 2nd & 3rd Fl., New York

About the host

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The Champion
New York City

You are friendly, charming, enthusiastic, and socially active.
Warm-spirited, helpful, accepting, and compassionate.
A persuasive speaker and inspiring, charismatic leader who
motivates others.
Good at communicating and inspiring action.
Can idealize people and relationships.
Creative, spontaneous, positive, and fun-loving.
Good at promoting harmony.
Perceptive and diplomatic.


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