A.E. Osworth

Originally published on Autostraddle

The 7 Very Coolest Things I Found At NY Tech Day

April 30, 2016

Two weeks ago, I went to NY Tech Day. It’s essentially a giant, somewhat overwhelming display of New York City startups. A fair of sorts, where a bunch of companies have booths to display their products and tell participants about the positions they’re currently seeking to fill. I was the only masculine lesbian I saw. I tried to take photos of the environment, and couldn’t manage to get one that wasn’t entirely or almost entirely men. Within ten minutes, a man from behind the puku table made an inappropriate lesbian joke at me. I told him I was press. I was considering featuring the product, a very sleek luxury charger, in a gift guide somewhere down the line. Instead, I put on my best “not-amused” face and wrote “nope, lesbian joke” on the brochure I was holding. In short, I have been utterly spoiled by Lesbians Who Tech. I’d forgotten that mainstream tech conferences were like this. Read more...