You're not the only one who loves Weleet

The Weleet Coworking Model Focuses on Creating a True Community

July 07, 2015

Finally, there's a coworking model in NYC that won't break my business budget. As a full-time, small business owner who works solely out of my home, I am grateful to have an alternative option in the NYC co-working scene.

Meet Weleet--a start-up company who is focused on building a true community.

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The 'Work-Life Balance' Misnomer: Is Work-Life 'Integration' the New Norm?

October 04, 2014

"Look into boutique wellness centers with an open-door policy or ongoing classes; or consider a shavasana in a meditation class," she says. Additionally, Evans suggests resources such as Breather in a city like New York, or Weleet, a co-working co-op that hosts in homes, lounges, tea houses and other unique workspaces, which can help over-stressed employees mentally reboot.

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No More Working Alone: Weleet Matches Cowork Partners

January 25, 2016

In 2015, Weleet was launched in the U.S. by its founder and CEO, Jennifer Gore.

Weleet aims to match and connect freelancers with similar or complementary skill sets. These freelancers might wish to connect for the purpose of sharing resourcesand work space or may simply wish to network with others in a similar field.

Gore told the Huffington Post she was inspired by the growth of social media and the sharing economy and saw an opportunity in the shifting values of Millennials and Generation Z.

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The 7 Very Coolest Things I Found At NY Tech Day

April 30, 2016

That’s who’s running WeLeet, and their philosophy is “work from home, but not alone.” When you sign up, you take a co-working quiz to find out your co-working personality type (I got The Visionary, which is a beyond-flattering category). From there, you can fill out your profile and access co-working sessions. Some of those are hosted in people’s apartments, some are hosted in co-working spaces. But the great part is, the most expensive plan on here is $9.99 a month. Holy. Bananas.

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‘Side Hustling:’ How We’re Surviving In The Gig Economy

July 01, 2016

New York City is a place with lots of networking events that can initially appear very exotic to a newcomer. As someone from a more conventional part of the country, an invitation to a supper club was simultaneously exciting and confusing. What in the world was I going to run into?

This was my first experience participating in a supper club, which essentially involves breaking bread while networking and navigating through a structured conversation. The whole experience started as an unsuspecting email inviting me to a dinner in Harlem to discuss “side hustling” through an organization named Weleet. Weleet is an organization that connects people on compatibility to co-work and share space. That in itself seemed pretty interesting.

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The Ultimate Guide for Freelancers and Small Businesses That Hire Them

October 10, 2016

Looking at the numbers, there can be no doubt that the “gig economy“, the robust marketplace of freelancers, is alive and well. In fact, one recent report shows that one in three Americans is a freelancer:

  • Nearly 54 million Americans participated in some form of independent work in 2015, an increase of 700,000 workers over the previous year; and
  • About 1 in 12 U.S. households — more than 10 million people — rely on independent work for more than half of their income.
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