You're not the only one who loves Weleet

The Weleet Coworking Model Focuses on Creating a True Community

July 07, 2015

Finally, there's a coworking model in NYC that won't break my business budget. As a full-time, small business owner who works solely out of my home, I am grateful to have an alternative option in the NYC co-working scene.

Meet Weleet--a start-up company who is focused on building a true community.

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5 Traits of the Sharing Economy Every Startup Should Know

July 06, 2015

It's no big secret that the global economy has shifted dramatically in the past few years. Many refer to this new economy as the Sharing Economy: an economy based on collaborative consumption and peer-to-peer lending that leverages people's underutilized talents, assets, and resources. Disruptive startups like Airbnb and Lyft have led the way and chances are that, if you're using Fiverr or Weleet, you're a part of this new economy.

Are you wondering if your idea, product or company is grounded in the Sharing Economy? If so, use these 5 traits to gauge how you measure up.

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