5 Reasons You Should Revive Your Email Newsletter

5 Reasons You Should Revive Your Email Newsletter

Think email newsletters are old school with all the new-fangled ways to share content these days? WRONG. Think again!

Regular email newsletters are still one of the most effective ways to market to your list. If you haven't tried sending an email newsletter, have stopped sending them regularly, or are still on “the email newsletter fence”, keep reading.

5 Reasons You Should Revive Your Email Newsletter 

  1. Keep Your Business Top of Mind: Whether your list contains leads or customers, you want to stay top of mind. Regular newsletters, providing you share valuable content, will be opened each time they are sent.

  2. Ensure Your Message is Seen: Your fans may look at Facebook two or three times a day—or less. And your Twitter stream…forgetaboutit! (This is how we say it in Brooklyn.) The point is that it is very easy for your audience to miss your message on social media. But…when you send an email newsletter, you can rest assured that your message will be delivered to inboxes on your list.

  3. Drive Traffic to Your Blog: Since you are diligently adding content to your business blog, why not show it off? With an email newsletter, you can share snippets of your best content with readers—and then give them a link to continue reading the article on your blog.

  4. Boost Sales: Let's face the facts here: You want to get more sales by sending email newsletters. And that's okay - as long as your newsletters are not filled with pushy offers and slimy sales tactics. Giving one offer/newsletter--added into the useful content you send out--will make readers happy that you shared something that will help them.

  5. Get Noticed and Build Community: Emails that include social sharing buttons have a 158 percent higher click-through rate. However, growing your social media channels can be tricky. The solution? Start a conversation in the inbox, then engage with people on social media--which will expand your reach significantly.

Your email newsletter is an imporant tool in growing your business. It is time to think through your newsletter content strategy again? 

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