3 Steps to Successful Blog Writing: Think. Write. Repeat.

3 Steps to Successful Blog Writing: Think. Write. Repeat.

You promised yourself that your next blog post would get done TODAY.

You sit down at your computer. Ideas have been roaming around in your head for weeks, but now your mind is blank. You check your email. You check your Facebook and Twitter feeds. You make that phone call you have been putting off for awhile.

And now, the time you set aside for blogging has ended and not one word was written. 

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? If this describes something you have gone through before, keep reading!

Follow the 3 steps below to experience successful blog writing on a consistent basis.


  • Spend time brainstorming ideas you would like to write about on your blog. Be sure to record them somewhere – an app on your phone, in your journal, or use a voice recording device. (This ensures your mind is never “blank” when you sit down to write.)

  • Keep your audience in mind. Remember, it’s really about THEM and what they want to know.

  • Pick topics you feel passionate about. Your passion and excitement will be conveyed in your writing.


  • When you write, write. Turn off all other distractors and honor your writing time.

  • If you prefer to write in a journal or outline on paper first – go for it! Many people freeze in front of the computer screen, so be sure to do what works for you.

  • Keep your blog posts:

    • Scannable. People are busy and click from page to page when reading online. (Notice how this post you are reading is broken down into 3 distinct sections.)

    • Concise. Get your point across in fewer than 700 words. Blogs posts that fall between 400-700 words seem to be the most successful, if they are well-written.

    • On topic. Don’t lose your readers by wandering off with your own thoughts and words!

    • Engaging. Did you see how I pulled you into this post by starting with an opening story? Stories capture people’s attention.

    • Catchy. Titles will make or break you. Spend some time thinking about catchy titles.


  • That’s it. You did it! Congratulations! 

  • Be sure to promote your blog through your social media feeds.

  • Set a writing schedule that works for you. (For me, it’s daily writing from 4:30 – 6:30 AM. If I don’t write in the morning, it doesn’t get done.)

  • Publish to your blog regularly. You will build a loyal audience of readers if you are consistent in your posting.

Follow the “Think. Write. Repeat.” system for blogging to help you remain focused and consistent on your blogging journey.  

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