Community Voices: Who's Your Catty?

Community Voices: Who's Your Catty?

Meet our feline friend and fellow coworker, Atticus. He’s the Weleet community catsultant – a quiet guy, but with lots of thoughts, who’s ready to take you under his furry wing, er, paw. We sat down recently at his apartment in Harlem to talk all things cats and coworking.

Jace: You’re not allergic to humans are you? 

Atticus: Only the greedy ones with nothing to share.

Jace: Haha. Sounds like you really tell it how you see it.

Atticus: That’s the point of this interview, right? 

Jace: Fair enough. So, catsultant, is it?

Atticus: That’s right. That’s my official title. 

Jace: How about Weleet community mascot?

Atticus: Some might see me that way. It’s not easy being this cute.

Atticus winks at me. Coming from another cat, it could easily read as obnoxious, but coming from him, he’s right: it’s cute.

Jace: So, what exactly is coworking?

Atticus: It’s sitting together with other self-employed or freelance professionals, each of us working on individual projects. 

Jace: So working...but with friends instead of colleagues? 

Atticus: Sort of. Except these are new and really talented friends, working on awesome projects.

Jace: Can you give me some examples? 

Atticus: Sure, I’ve coworked with startup founders (including my owner), magicians and even ex-soap opera stars. 

Jace: Did you learn any neat tricks from the magician? 

Atticus: No, but I learned a few interesting things about UX – he was a UX designer, too.

Jace: What do you enjoy most about working alongside humans?

Atticus: Aside from getting the best belly rubs ever, I enjoy the opportunities to exchange ideas and expand my professional network in a real, in-person and off(fe)line way. And I like that no one treats me any less because I’m an animal. Instead, Weleet members embrace differences.

Jace: So you’re able to work with dogs and other types of animals?

Atticus: Put it this way, cats don’t dislike dogs because they are dogs. That’s a silly theory that humans have decided to run with. So yes I am able to work with a variety of animals including dogs. I like to embrace differences too...

Jace: Which Weleet location is currently your favorite place to work?

Atticus: My apartment, of course. 

Jace: Really?

Atticus: You sound surprised. Most people would love to work from home. The only downside is that it can be extremely isolating. And that it lacks mice. Well, I guess that’s an upside because my veterinarian said I should lay off the meat.

Jace: I’m not sure which will please humans more: a beautiful space filled with interesting people or the nonexistence of rodents while coworking. 

Atticus: Well Weleet has a variety of venues and people to choose from. So it’s great for those with - how can I say this? – discerning preferences. 

Jace: Sounds like there’s something for everyone. Coffee shops and coworking spaces, too?

Atticus: Yes, we embrace different venues just as much as we embrace different people and different industries. 

Jace: I know your home is probably the most convenient place to work but as you mentioned, it can get lonely working all by yourself. How do you deal with that?

Atticus: I used to get lonely. Now, because I’m a member of Weleet, I don’t have to. I host coworking session at my apartment all the time.

Jace: What exactly is a coworking session?

Atticus: It’s only the hottest trend, Jace. 

Atticus shoots me an overly exaggerated “duh” look.

Atticus: Basically, I invite other Weleet members to come over to my apartment and cowork with me. 

Jace: What project are you currently working on?

Atticus: I'm always working on Weleet – a community for independent workers to connect based on compatibility to cowork and share space.

Jace: So what does your day-to-day consist of?

Atticus: We’re still working out my role, but basically, I’m a Weleet community counselor and ambassador. 

Jace: Sounds like a sweet gig. How did you land it?

Atticus: It landed me, actually. There’s this theory that cats are, in a funny way, similar to freelancers and remote workers. Sometimes a little aloof, usually pretty interesting, and always curious about new things. I’m here to test that theory out. You’ll probably see me popping up in some of the Weleet blogs and newsletters – I’d like to try my paw at writing – in addition to seeing me host actual coworking sessions.  

Jace: Where’s the room to breathe?

Atticus: Oh, I definitely find time for catnaps.

Atticus yawns. I’m not sure if it’s a real yawn or if it’s feigned, but I’m realizing he has an uncanny way of expressing his interest or lack thereof. 

Jace: Looks like you’re getting a little sleepy.

Atticus: Oh yeah, just say the word catnap and I’m done. 

Jace: How about cat treats?

Atticus: Are you kitten me? 

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