What Humans Teach Meow About Coworking

What Humans Teach Meow About Coworking

In meow short time as the Weleet Community Catsultant, meow’ve already met a lot of you and so meow thought meow’d share some of the things meow’ve learned. 

What Meow Learn From Humans About Coworking:

Coworking is fun

Study after study shows that working from home alone tanks creativity. So it should come as no surprise that coworking – that is, working on your own personal projects independently, but surrounded by other compatible people – increase creativity. And what is being creative if not fun? If you don’t believe meow, come to this upcoming coworking sesh and ice cream unconference to see for yourself. Meow mean, how can a free day of coworking called "Stay Cool Hot Stuff" plus ice cream not be fun? 

Coworking is productive

Meow’m writing this blog post from a coworking sesh right now. Point made. 

But if you need a stat, here’s a good one from our friends over at Wix: 68% of independent workers say they are better able to focus while coworking. And if you still don’t believe meow, come to a sesh at one of Weleet’s featured coffee shops, like this one, and see for yourself. 

Coworking is informative

Basically, the more new people you surround yourself with, the more new information you have to obtain and then – if you’re a giver or a matcher – to share. This happens all the time at meow very own Video Wednesdays sesh. Last week meow and other Weleeters discussed market segmentation and meow think we all learned a lot about defining a target audience – including how to use an engagement pyramid.

Coworking is collaborative

This point ties back to meow previous point about coworking being fun and creative. When you surround yourself with new and interesting people this funny thing starts to happen organically. It’s called collaboration. Again, meow have witnessed this meowself. In fact, this Youtube channel is the result of many a Weleet coworking sesh meow've attended. Which reminds meow: it’s time to make a video!

Coworking is deee-licious

Meow may or may not have snagged a piece of grilled chicken from the generous  lunch spread at a Video Weds sesh…

What Humans (Hopefully) Learn From Meow About Coworking:

Carve out your own space at a coworking sesh 

Personally, meow prefer empty cardboard boxes (so that meow don’t even have to share with meow little sister, Scout):

Atticus and Scout carving out space

And some days meow prefer not to cowork at all, which is not only, okay, but depending on your Weleet Totem aka coworking type, can be very healthy and beneficial.

Join a coworking sesh whenever the mood strikes you 

Meow’ve slept all morning and then joined a sesh at 2PM. If any Weleeter ever hosts a sesh at 2AM, who knows, meow might spontaneously join that sesh, too!

Ask for help at a coworking sesh

While some prefer to ask for help with the cappuccino machine, meow favorite ask at a coworking sesh is for a vigorous belly rub.  But hey, to each their own. 

Take a break – or many breaks - at a coworking sesh 

Cat nap anyone? Meow’m going to punt this to another expert on the topic of coworking breaks: Jennifer Tsay, meow fellow Weleet Featured Member. She gave some wonderful break ideas for a work-anywhere lifestyle in her last blog post which you can read here.

Pack snacks for your next coworking sesh

Grilled chicken, meow mean, cat treats anyone?

Create a session (aks "sesh" in catspeak)

Try hosting a coworking session of your own, so you know how the other half lives. (Meow host a sesh every Weds at meow home, Harlem Scratch Pad)

Create a venue

If you have a beautiful, under-utilized space to share, please share it with meow and other Weleet members! It can be any kind of space…home, coffee shop, public space…or meow personal favorite…the newest NYC cat café. Meow totally thinks someone should host a sesh there. Shout out to Miriam for putting it on meow radar.

Where is your favorite venue to cowork? Leave Weleet a comment on Facebook or Twitter. Or if you prefer, connect with meow here, and you can even send meow a personal message. Ask meow anything! That’s what meow’m here for. 

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