Meow Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas

Meow Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas

You know how they say cats are finicky? Well, it's true. Meow am here to tell you that when it comes to gift-giving, meow am very, very discerning. Luckily, the Weleet community is full of amazing and creative humans. 

Meow've put together a list of last minute gift ideas that members of this great community created in 2016. Hope you find it helpful...perhaps even the cat's meow.

1. A Dance Class for Cats from All Walks of Life

Every Monday night this winter you or the human you're gifting can join a motley crew of people getting their groove on and in some cases getting it back. Dancers of all levels, abilities and backgrounds are welcomed. The choreography is loosely based in ballet and jazz technique with elements of African dance mixed in. The goal is to give people a fun way to tap into expression from within in whatever way feels most aligned and accepted. 

The class, called You Can Dance Again, was created by our very own, Jess Grippo.  

2. The Moon Deck

The purrrfect gift for that yogi in your life - or for any human who just wants to chill and find some inner peace. This 44-card, beautifully illustrated mantra deck carries potent meditations, incantations, and affirmations to access what we cats have permanent access to: intuition and ritual. Now humans can have permanent access to it, too.

This oracle deck was created by Weleet CoLab co-host, Aarona Ganeson. 

3. Dope Candles for Dope Humans

If you need a gift for the sensory-oriented humans around you, this is it. A fun, sassy and unique collection of hand-poured, natural soy quote candles. Want something on the sweet side? Try, "Live. Laugh. Love." Want to keep it spicey? Try, "My Life is Dope and I do Dope Shit." Or get all spiritual with, "Be You. The World Will Adjust." Basically, this gift speaks for itself, which makes meow job that much easier.

The 125 Collection was created by our very own, Joy Fennel.

 4. Monthly Subscription to This Super-Charged Community of Creators

Meow would be remiss not to point out that the three outstanding gift ideas above come straight from Weleet's community of collaborative independent workers, side-hustlers and digital nomads. Clearly, our community is kick-ass, along with being extremely creative and productive. Give someone the gift of tapping into this energizing community. Shoot meow an email at for Weleet subscription gift plans and details.

Meowy Holidays and Happy New Year!




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