4 Things Meow've Learned From Humans About Innovation

4 Things Meow've Learned From Humans About Innovation

One of Meow primary functions as Weleet Community Catsultant is to observe and watch humans at work. Some of the more interesting things about humans is how they work together to spark innovation to solve any potential problems they may have. Although Meow knows how to get what Meow wants, humans work best when working together.

It is said that without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. In this very way, humans excel when they collaborate together to create new solutions or inspire innovation. Meow has seen this firsthand, and wants to share with you the many ways that humans inspire innovation through collaborative efforts.

How Meow sees humans inspire innovation

Working together generations innovation - Having multiple points of view on any problem can lead to superior results. For this very simple reason, humans work best when collaborating and working together to solve any issues. Meow has seen this work effectively first hand, and knows how well humans work together to solve their problems. 

According to research at the University of Tennessee, innovation and collaboration feed and build upon each other especially when it comes to humans. True to this research, Meow has seen humans at their best when working together.

Collaboration can create camaraderie - Interpersonal relationships in the workplace can help increase efficiency. For this simple reason, humans can connect on a personal level when collaborating together. Not only can this help increase and boost morale among humans, but Meow has seen many teams get on board and work harder to reach their goals when working together.

Innovation by nature is connected through collaboration - The very nature of innovation gives way to collaborative efforts. When you need to create new solutions for issues or problems, collaborative brainstorming is just the beginning. While working together through trial and error, teams of humans excel in achieving their results through working in a team.

Humans excel through coworking - Working together always brings out the best in humans. It's a trait that Meow finds a bit disturbing, but Meow cannot deny the results. Humans work well when coworking in teams, and gaining the unique insight and input from their fellow coworkers. 

It's this very trait that gives humans an edge when collaborating to drive innovation. No matter what kind of solution you are after, when innovating solutions; working together can be the best tactic. 

Does your workplace need innovation to approach or solve an existing problem? Having problems reaching your goals or meeting your expectations? Want to learn more about how collaborative efforts can help your company reach their goals? Leave Meow a message through Meow social networks, either on Facebook or Twitter. Or you can connect with Meow at weleet.me or leave me a direct message there. Meow can help your company collaborate to reach your goals or inspire innovation regardless of what problem you need solved.


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