10 New Year Resolutions for Freelancers

10 New Year Resolutions for Freelancers


Meow loves the holidays, especially when humans make their New Year resolutions to improve themselves. Although Meow doesn't need much self-improvement, Meow knows that humans like to set goals and work to achieve them. This is especially important for those aspiring group of humans called freelancers. 

No other time of the year is better for humans to undergo self-improvement than New Year's. Freelancers can achieve their goals by continually striving to get rid of the old, and bring in the new. If you are a self-motivated human, Meow has some tips to freshen up your approach for the New Year and build upon your brand.

10 New Year Resolutions for Freelancing Humans

Extend your brand - Meow has an excellent way of marking what's his, but for mere humans this approach won't work. Instead focus on expanding your reach as a freelancer, and building your customer base through innovative and new ways. When you think outside the box, you could discover clientele that you might not have ever found.

Build your network - Human freelancers should look to new technologies and list building techniques to expand their network. When you tap into the power of social networks and email campaigns, you can find new ways to expand your network and your reach.

Personalize your approach - In a business that relies on personal connections and organic growth, you would do well to personalize the way you deal with your customers.  

Learn new skills - Meow doesn't need much in the way of new abilities, but freelance humans definitely do. Look for new ways to build upon your current skill set and expand them into areas where you may be weak. Being a diverse freelancer will always open new doors to profitability and revenue streams.

Work on your brand - Looking good isn't easy, even though it comes easy to Meow. For this simple reason, you should work on polishing your brand and your business. Putting forth the best effort and exuding professionalism gives you the best chance at landing new clients.

Re-evaluate your pricing - Being a freelancer isn't easy, Meow knows this. But as hard as you work for your money, taking some time to re-evaluate things could bear fruit. Having a lower price point or adjusting the pricing for some of your options can bring a change to your business that's unlike any other.

Trim your client list - While you are looking over your pricing, Meow would also take a look at your client list. Trimming it down so that you can focus on your recent customers can make them feel special and like your services offer value that others don't. Take some time to reconnect with your clients, and remind them that you are still out there.

Expand your reach - Whether you use advertising or not, it may be a good time to look into new ways to get more customers. Meow knows that settling for status quo can often be the decline of any aspiring entrepreneur. Freelance work depends on getting your brand out there to the public. Look into new ways to do this - one of the most important of New Year's resolutions.

Offer new services - Whatever business you are freelancing in, expand your offering and give your customers more options. Meow knows that humans love choices, so give them new ways to pay you more money.

Professionalism is key - Using new ways to extend your professionalism is vital to any freelance business. Your customers need to know that they are getting as good as service if not better when they go with you. Instead of wasting time, refocus your efforts on being more professional and courteous.

New Year's resolutions aren't always easy to stick to, but Meow am confident that these are some good ways that human freelancers can grow in the upcoming year.

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